Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Step of Faith

I have spent much of my life trying to be look perfect, act perfect and to have the perfect family and home. I thought that was what God wanted. I was wrong. It was a fraud and it left me empty inside.

I finally understand the good news that saved me as a little child. I finally realize how much God loves me and all that He has done for me. The gospel has transformed me.

And now I want to be REAL.

No more hiding behind false perfection.

I want to put aside my perfectionism and pride and be vulnerable.

I want to expose the REAL me. The fallen and broken me.

I want to show how the REAL, TRUE and LIVING GOD is working in this messy life of mine, for His glory and my joy.

It is time to tell the world about a God who took my broken life and is piecing it together, more beautifully than I could have ever imagined.

It’s time to tell a hurting world about the HEALER.

My hope is that through being real and vulnerable about my life and how God is transforming me that other women will be encouraged in their own walk with the Lord.  Life is hard. Motherhood is tough. Homeschooling is a challenge but our God is so much BIGGER!

So I'm taking a big step of faith (for me anyways).  I will be ending my time blogging here at amothersmeanderings so I can make time to be real and write (on my own website) and speak. I am still a little scared of failure and what people will think. But I am also excited to see how God will use my messy life for His glory! 

I  will let you know when the new website is up and running. My desire is that it will be a place that offers encouragement and resources for mothers. I hope to share more of "My Story" there too.

And I'll be tackling one of my other great fears..... public speaking! I'll be doing two workshops at the CFS Homeschooling Expo in San Diego. 

Stepping out in faith and being vulnerable. Opening myself up for the possibility of failure. Pray for me!


  1. Wow! Sounds like we have a lot in common! One of my dreams is to do public speaking too :)

    1. I know, Jennie! Every time I talk with you or see something on FB or your blog I think to myself... "we have so much in common!" We should get together sometime and chat!

  2. Janelle--So proud, [if I can say that] really that is a insignificant word to describe how this encourages me. I love it and praying the best for you. BTW-in my business, I have to speak often in front of people. It was such a horrible thing to push myself to do. Yet, I knew without a doubt God created me to do this very thing. A breakthrough came when I realized that perfectionism was behind the fear, upset stomach etc. "What if I....What if they" all circled around back to what I looked, sounded and came off as. I started focusing on the face of Christ each time and thanking Him for all the yuck I was feeling. It was an opportunity to become small, childlike and to listen to Him tell me what to say. Now I LOVE it. But I still get scared. I hope that never leaves me because it is a great reminder of who I need to be depending on. He is able to give abundantly more than you need. Love you. Linda

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Linda! I am hoping that over time the speaking will get easier!

  3. That's awesome, Janelle! (And welcome to the Recovering Perfectionist Club.) If you'd like some contacts of other women & groups with the same heart as you let me know & they might be able to help with networking. You might already know them.

    It's exciting to hear and see you stepping out in faith! :)

    1. Jessica, any help you can offer would be great! (I will contact you privately.) I know nothing about setting up a website, doing graphics, networking etc. so I am totally overwhelmed! But I know the Lord is leading it b/c I already have a (paying) speaking job lined up! That is so the Lord!